Fuji Acros 100

This roll was processed in Kodak D-76 for about an hour with a hiiiigh dilution ratio- also my first time with partial stand developing! I feel ..satisfied with the results- mostly considering that everything I could find online did not recommend processing Acros in D-76 if you had any way around it. Impatience is in my way always so this is what we got. The first three long exposures were shot with shutter speeds between 2 - 3.5  minutes. The last two images were shot in daylight at F11 and 60/125. In the future, I don't think I'd leave my shutter open for longer than 2 and a half minutes… Reciprocity failure wasn't something I looked into thoroughly before shooting this roll, but I think that most of the long exposure effects that I was envisioning could have been achieved within or around the first 60 seconds of light exposure. Plan to investigate neutral density filters before playing  around with any long(er) exposures on color film.. Thanks for checking this out.

Shot with a Pentax 67.

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